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For information call: 239-533-0640
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Email: EMspecialneeds@leegov.com

Applications will NOT be processed when Lee County is in the 5-day hurricane forecast cone.
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I understand this registration is voluntary and do hereby request to be registered in the Lee County Special Medical Needs Program. The information contained herein is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I understand there are limitations to the services and levels of care that are available. I hereby grant permission to medical providers, transportation agencies, and others, to provide care and respond to my needs, and for the disclosure of any information necessary to do so. I also grant permission to emergency response agencies to enter my residence for the purpose of emergency search and rescue, and authorize the release of information necessary for these agencies to perform these services. In an effort to ensure the safety of all shelter residents, a background screen will be run on all people evacuating to the Special Medical Needs Shelter, including the caregiver.